Lion Building Enugu State Nigeria

Incident Report

Welcome to the Enugu State Incident Report Portal, designed to enhance public safety and service delivery. This portal allows citizens to report incidents for prompt response and resolution.

Using the portal is easy. Submit reports, upload photos, and provide information for authorities to address issues. Real-time reporting ensures immediate logging and faster responses.

Every report is tracked for transparency and accountability. Citizens can follow their report status, receive updates, and know when issues are resolved, fostering trust in public services.

You can report:

• Emergencies (accidents, fires, medical emergencies)
• Infrastructure issues (road damages, power outages, water supply problems)
• Environmental concerns (illegal dumping, pollution)
• Public service complaints (service delays, inefficiencies)
• Security reports (theft, vandalism)

The portal promotes community engagement, encouraging citizens to take an active role in governance. By reporting incidents and providing feedback, residents help improve public services and community safety.

Use the Enugu State Incident Report Portal to help make our state safer and better for everyone.