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Dr. Anthony Sopuruchi Anih

Dr. Anthony Sopuruchi Anih is a researcher and scholar of Developmental Epidemiology at the Developmental Psychology department, Åbo Akademi University Finland. His research focuses on mental wellbeing and behavioral problems in children and adolescents.

Following a career in nursing practice, he holds a consultancy position in research, development, and innovation in End-of-life care/palliative care at Harbour Healthcare UK. His focus is primarily on Quality-end-of-life care that includes adverse care planning, emotional and cognitive symptoms, social relationship, grief, spirituality, and bereavement of both people who are dying, and people related to the care. Currently, Anthony is working on the “DYING A GOOD DEATH”, a multisectoral project involving policy makers, governments and healthcare professionals in Africa to deliver innovative and cost-effective care for dying patients and their families.

Besides researching, Anthony was a candidate for Vaasa, Finland Municipality Council Election and presently works as a member of Vaasa Education Board of Directors. He works closely with NGOs, hospitals and care homes in Finland, UK and Nigeria. He leads the Centre for African Child and War Victim as Director in broad areas of planning, organization, and direction of the organization’s operations and programs.