Lion Building Enugu State Nigeria

Lolo Mary-Ann Chukwuenyem (FCCA)

A seasoned finance professional, Mrs. Chukwuenyem became a member of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants in the late 1980s and attained fellowship with the Association in 1992.
Mrs. Chukwuenyem has held various senior management roles in Finance, Commercial Finance, Planning, Treasury and Cash, managing people, processes and operations. She has worked for several global multinational companies throughout her career and has spent the last 25 years working for global player(s) in the Information and Technology industry.
Eighteen months ago, Mrs. Chukwuenyem took the opportunity to make a small career shift from finance to commercial sales. She is currently the Global RFS Sales Lead of a multi-billion-dollar technology services company.
Mrs. Chukwuenyem is equally passionate about making an impactful contribution to the sociocultural growth of the diaspora communities around her and back home in Nigeria. She champions laudable charitable causes to empower and improve the lives of those less opportune.
In this vein, Mrs. Chukwuenyem co-founded Enugu State Women’s Association, U.K., 36 years ago. The organisation supports key charities in Enugu State annually. Mrs. Chukwuenyem has held key executive positions since the group’s conception and is currently serving as president.
Mrs Chukwuenyem is also an executive member of the formidable G20+ Enugu Diaspora Support UK & Ireland. She serves as the women’s affairs deputy principal coordinator, a role of which she is very proud.
Presently, Mrs. Chukwuenyem is looking forward to using love and compassion to drive impactful change in Enugu state, Nigeria, and sub-saharan Africa as a whole.